The year 2020 was the year of change in trend and the momentum is likely to continue in sectors such as IT and Pharma while the big contra bet could turn out to be in the ‘Leisure Travel’ space, says Sachin Shah, Fund Manager, Emkay Investment Managers Ltd in this Market Podcast with Moneycontrol.

“In terms of sectors, IT and Healthcare sectors have gained almost 40-50% recently, and the recent management commentary, especially from the pharma space, suggest that the outlook for revenue growth and profit margin is decent which is given by domestic formulation market,” says Shah.

He further added that the US generic market is witnessing a stable pricing environment. All the above factors suggest that pharma will continue to do well. Among the contra bet, Shah is of the view that travel which is the beaten-down sector of 2020 should pick up pace in 2021.

Travel and tourism as a theme should pick momentum in the next couple of quarters and particularly leisure travel and tourism as a theme should come back with a vengeance.