Investment Objective

Emkay Capital Builder is a multi-cap portfolio, that aims to identify companies with the potential to build wealth over an investment horizon of 3-5+ years.

The strategy considers top 600 companies (by market cap) as its universe and is guided by a well-defined portfolio construction discipline to filter stocks based on strict limits and a three-pronged investment process.

Three-Pronged Investment Process

Earnings Growth
E-Qual Risk Framework
Purchase Price Discipline

Investment Framework

Long Term Investing

  • Low churn
  • Be patient before & after investing

Conviction & Patience

Focus on absolute Returns and high emphasis on Purchase Price

Compounding is the Name of the Game

Winning sustainable wealth

Do your own Homework

Research backed & process oriented investments

Focused Portfolio

Allocation Discipline to avoid concentration risk

Avoid Mistakes

  • Avoid unscrupulous promoters/ management
  • Businesses getting irrelevant
  • Highly leveraged companies
  • Euphoric valuation

Investment Theme

Using a bottom-up stock-picking strategy, the  Emkay Capital Builder portfolio aims to consistently identify businesses offering robust growth prospects and intrinsic value at a reasonable price. We employ in-house tools like E-Qual (India’s first governance-dedicated stock-picking model) to mitigate risks related to management quality.

Sector Allocation

Emkay Capital Builder uses a multi-cap strategy with 20-25 stocks. The sectoral holdings of Capital Builder, As on 31st December 2023, are:

*As on 31st March 2022

The portfolio has had zero blowouts since inception which can largely be attributed to the intensive processes laid out in the E-Qual Risk module that make it nearly impossible for any evasive business to make its way into the fund. The Capital Builder portfolio has given returns of 14.5% since inception (As on 31st December 2023).

Performance Update

*As on 31st March 2022

Name Since Inception
TWRR 16.80
BSE 500 (TRI) 16.20
Outperformance (TWRR v/s Benchmark) 0.60

Note: The portfolio returns are TWRR returns.

*As on 31st March 2022

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Get the Emkay Capital Builder Presentation On Your Mail

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