Manufacturing to be a key wealth creator for next 5-10 years

We think manufacturing will be a key wealth creator for the next 5-10 years and may need a separate dedicated strategy

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Geo-political crisis and the stock market – What history says

Global stock market indices have typically been resilient through wars and geo-political events, by and large

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Buy on dips with a 3-, 5-year horizon: Emkay Investment Managers CEO

"Our inclination is towards sectors that will participate in economic growth like BFSI, consumer discretionary - including auto, capital goods - infrastructure and IT," says…

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SIP inflows likely to hit $3 bn per month from retail investors in next few quarters

Vikaas is an industry stalwart with over two decades of experience. In the course of his career, he has held several influential and senior management positions across marquee…

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Well run mid- and small-caps seeing strong growth

There is a strong undercurrent of growth among mid- and small-cap companies, which will benefit from consumption growth

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Budget 2021 | What Experts Anticipate 2021 To Be For Indian Markets

Though 2020 was volatile, it certainly brought cheer for equity investors. From nearly 7.5 million demat accounts opened in FY21 to having a diversified portfolio

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Et tu bull-tus! Why every pause in this bull market should delight you

he beauty of bull markets are they race ahead of themselves most times, correct sharply, pause for some time and resume their upward journey.

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In frenzy to follow index movements, don’t overlook quality opportunities

Value Shastra invests in Emkay’s 12, one-of-its-kind investing in large-cap equity investment strategy which is one of the contemporary alternatives to large-cap MFs in India…

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D-Street Talk podcast | Vikaas M Sachdeva explains mantra on how to pick stocks in SAMVAT 2077

To assess the quality, we have the ‘E-Qual’ model which measures quantitatively attributes like management quality, management attitude, wealth creation, etc., explains……

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“See money-making opportunities in high quality mid and small-cap businesses’

One has to remember that the investor is becoming smarter with so much of information and advice to choose from.

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