Sachin Shah explains why Zomato is a perfect play on new age tech segment & rising consumerism in India

"We believe Zomato is a perfect play on a new age tech company and rising consumerism in India," Sachin Shah, Fund Manager at Emkay Investment Managers says in an interview with…

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Pharma, defense among 7 sectors offers good growth potential over next 2-3 years

In an interview with ETMarkets, Shah said: “Cooling-off Oil/Crude prices to decisively below US$80 will be the silver lining, and a critical factor for the Indian economy,”

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India is a two-step forward, one-step backwards story; see how things evolve over next 6-12 months

The only challenge with infrastructure has been the cash flow generation. They generally tend to have very good order books, they also tend to execute their order books over a…

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It will be a ‘bottoms-up’ market in 2023: Sachin Shah of Emkay

After a tumultuous 2022, global equity markets may be heading towards an equally volatile 2023. Against this backdrop, SACHIN SHAH, fund manager at Emkay Investment Managers

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Indian exporters gain from alternate supply chain trends: Emkay Investment

Indian economy is buzzing, most of the consumer discretionary sectors and industrials like real estate, building materials, autos, engineering, chemicals, etc., are witnessing…

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Worst over for Dalal Street now as FIIs return, bet on auto sector, private banks | Emkay INTERVIEW

We are hearing some slowdown in very selective pockets like building materials, logistics, and exports, but at this point in time the hope is that most of it is very seasonal

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4 reasons why Sachin Shah is positive on the Indian economy – Economic times exclusive interview feature

In the last one-month domestic equity markets have risen by 10%+, virtually reclaiming the levels which were last seen four months back (end of March 22) and beginning of the…

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Worst of inflation behind us; mkt recovery to continue

The two big challenges of inflation and aggressive FII selling are behind us, believes Sachin Shah, Fund Manager, Emkay Investment Managers

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3 factors that can make Zomato profitable in the next few years

In our opinion, a successful modern tech company can transform industries, achieve expansion of scale, and make enormous profits, all without requiring significant capital…

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These sectors have potential for high returns over 3-4 years

When the circumstances are more conducive, there is a high probability the Reserve Bank will quickly move to an accommodative policy for higher economic growth, says the Fund…

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